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Vintage Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

Here at Sumo Rubber, we believe that motorcycles are not just ordinary vehicles used for the daily commute. They are an expression of the lifestyle, passion and dedication of their owners. We understand that especially classic Yamaha motorcycles can be difficult to maintain and keep on the road.

We understand that finding suitable spare parts for models that are 30+ years old is difficult. With this in mind, Sumo Rubber online shop offers an extensive collection of hard to find Yamaha motorcycle parts which are ideal to restore, renovate and enhance the durability of your motorbike.

So whether you have a single cylinder air cooled SR500 or a two-stroke twin, we have dozens of parts to help you bring it back on the road.

We keep an extensive selection of hard to find classic Yamaha parts. Our main collection are aftermarket reproduction parts, but we now stock some genuine and OEM parts too.

We have decided to concentrate on the perishable motorcycle rubber parts such as dampers, grommets, strapsfootrest coversintake hosesseals and fork boots. We also stock a variety of exhaust and paper gaskets and planning to introduce carb. repair kits, engine seals and full gasket sets soon.

We also understand that there are other motorcycle parts that need regular replacement, such as indicator lenses, reflectors, covers and other plastic parts as well as rare metal components such as specific bolts, nuts and other “yamahabits”.

Aftermarket Yamaha motorcycle parts are replacement parts that are no longer produced by the original manufacturer, but by someone else. These reproduction Yamaha parts are new, usually made to look as much as possible as the original and fulfilling the same function.

Also called Non-OEM parts, they are produced to fill in a gap in the market where original parts are no longer available or to provide a cheaper alternative. The quality of these parts can vary, some can be less ideal, others meet or exceed the durability of the original parts. Using a Yamaha aftermarket part on your motorcycle is sometimes the only way to keep your bike running, unless you can find a good quality NOS part.

NOS stands for New Old Stock. These are original Yamaha parts that have been produced probably in the same time as your motorcycle, and have been sitting in a storage ever since. They are usually obsolete, which means they are no longer produced by Yamaha manufacturers.

Sometimes NOS parts come in original packaging, but not always. Their condition and usability very much depends on the material and the way they have been stored. Rubber parts especially are prone to hardening, cracking and disintegration over time, but if you are restoring your motorbike to preserve its historical value, OEM spare parts and NOS parts might be your preferred option.

The price of NOS spare parts varies greatly, depending on demand for the particular item and its condition. Generally speaking, the rarer the part and the more you pay.

These are parts that you can still buy from the official Yamaha distributor. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. Yamaha OEM parts are made by authorised manufacturers and used by Yamaha themselves.

Some OEM parts developed throughout the years and with every newer version the OEM part number usually changes. That is why we might have several OEM part numbers against one part in our catalogue. An OEM number is the easiest way to locate the replacement part you are looking for.

We also stock some genuine parts that come from the same factories as OEM parts ie. ARS Japan, they are usually endorsed with the brand name, but lack the official Yamaha packaging.

We have organised our website so you can search either by your Yamaha motorcycle model (ie. RD250), or by OEM part number (ie. 120-27433-00).

You should keep in mind that especially older Yamaha motorcycles might have been modified over the years and that Yamaha made slight changes to bike models as the new versions were released. We encourage all our customers to obtain a Yamaha parts list for their particular motorbike, so they can ensure the Yamaha part they are buying is compatible with their particular Yamaha model and year of production. Our list of compatible models is only for reference purposes!

Whilst concentrating on vintage dirt bike parts and classic Yamaha café racer parts, Sumo Rubber aims to provide high quality spare parts for affordable price.  Exceptional customer service and top quality are our priority.  

We deliver to customers all over the World including European Union, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. We also offer free shipping for orders over £100 (EU & UK) & £250 (World) .

Our website is in three languages. Besides English, you can buy in German as well as Czech language. 

As mentioned above, Sumo Rubber continuously sources out new products and adds new categories to improve shopping experience. We are slowly adding new suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world to ensure we offer only the best quality Yamaha motorcycle parts.

We understand that restoring a classic motorcycle is a long term project, and you need to buy many parts as you work through your restoration. To reward our returning customers, we have set up our very own Loyalty Program. As long as you register your account prior to your purchase, you will receive points for every purchase. These point can then be used towards your next order.

We also offer gift vouchers and run regular promotions and special offers.

For more updates, deals and discounts, stay in touch with us via our social media pages, FacebookTwitter & Instagram and Contact Us!

So shop for your Yamaha parts online at Sumorubber.com!