141-21717-00 Damper (Battery Box/Side Panel)

141-21717-00 Damper (Battery Box/Side Panel)

Quality replacement rubber damper for Yamaha motorcycles. 

It can serve several purposes and can be located in the following areas depending on your model (side panel, airbox, muffler or battery box).

Most models require two or four of these dampers - please check your manual for details.


1965-66 YDS3 / YDS3C   

1965-66 YM1 /YM1S      

1967 YDS5          

1967 YM2C        

1967 YR1            

1968 YG5T         

1968 YR2 /YR2C               

1969 L5T             

1969 R3               

1969 YG5S          

1969-70 DS6C /DS6B      

1970 L5TA          

1970-71 G6S /G6SB        

1970-72 YR5 R5 /YR5B R5B /YR5C R5C    

1972 CS5            

1972 G7S            

1972 YDS7 DS7 

1973-75 RD250 /RD250A /RD250B           

1973-75 RD350 /RD350A / RD350B          

1973-76 RD200A /RD200B /RD200C               

1978-79 RD400E /RD400F            

1985-2006 YB50

1987-89 TZR250

1996-2006 YB-1

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