168-21639-00 Damper (Mudguard /Silencer /Exhaust)

168-21639-00 Damper (Mudguard /Silencer /Exhaust)

Quality rubber replacement damper for Yamaha motorcycles.

It can serve numerous purposes and can be located in the following areas depending on your model (mudguard, silencer or exhaust).

Some models might require several of these dampers - please check your manual for details.


1967 YR1 R1      

1968 YR2 / YR2C /R2      

1969 YR3 R3      

1970-71 RT1 /RT1B   /RT1M /RT1MX      

1970-72 YR5 /YR5B /YR5C R5  

1971 DT1E /DT1MX        

1972 DT2            

1972 RT2             

1972 YDS7 DS7 

1973 DT3            

1973 RT3             

1973-75 RD250 /RD250A / RD250B                                                                                          

1973-75 RD350 /RD350A / RD350B          

1973-77 TY250A /TY250B /TY250C /TY250D        

1974 DT360A     

1974 TX650A     

1974-76    DT400A/DT400B /DT400C      

1974-76 DT100A /DT100B /DT100C        

1974-76 DT175A /DT175B /DT175C         

1974-76 DT250 /DT250A /DT250B /DT250C           

1975-76 TY175A /TY175B /TY175C          

1976-79 RD250C /RD250D /RD250E /RD250F      

1976-80 RD400C /RD400D /RD400E /RD400F /RD400G                  

1978-81 XT500C - XT500H            

1978-82 SR500

1978-83 XS650

1992-2005 SR400

Height 16mm
Inner Diameter 15mm
Outer Diameter 26.5mm / 23mm

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