1980-82 Yamaha RD350 LC Parts & Yamaha RD 350 LC Spares

1980-82 Yamaha RD350 LC Parts & Yamaha RD 350 LC Spares

The 1970s were ending and though RD 350 was still a very popular bike, times were changing. Riders demanded higher performance sports looking bikes, while governments all round the world were tightening their regulations on emissions. As such Japanese motorcycle makers had to come up with new solutions and Yamaha RD 350 LC was born.

The “Two Wheeled Rocketship” as one of the early magazine review writers called it, was first introduced on Paris bike show in 1979. This was a race bike people were waiting for! The 2-stroke twin cylinder Yamaha RD 350 was redesigned - the old fashioned air cooling system was replaced with liquid cooling (thus LC model), new carbs were fitted, new cylinders, new exhaust, engine steady bars and new reed valve all meant that the new Yamaha RD 350 LC was meeting both the customer desire for a racing bike as well as government regulations. To finish the package off, Yamaha added other tried and tested features like electronic ignition, mono-cross suspension and disc brakes on both wheels. The optional fairings were just a cherry on the cake.

The life of water cooled RD 350 LC was short-lived though, innovations to cooling and exhaust system were just one step forward for Yamaha, a whole new system was in making and in 1983 the Yamaha Power Valve System opened a brand new chapter.

As Yamaha models evolved so did parts, some are still being used nowadays and are available from Yamaha dealers directly, some were made obsolete. We offer a quality reproductions of some of the most desired Yamaha RD 350 LC spare parts on the market.

This section contains aftermarket reproduction parts for:

1980-82 Yamaha RD 350 LC

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1A8-21518-00 LC FZ YPVS Cable Holder

Quality reproduction rubber cable holder (1A8-21518-00) for Yamaha motorcycles.COMPATIBLE MODELSFJ11..

€3.75 Ex Tax: €3.75

1T4-24796-00 Grab Rail Mounting Rubber - RD250LC, RD350LC, RZ Models & XS Models

Quality reproduction grab rail mounting rubber for Yamaha motorcycles. There are four required ..

€2.75 Ex Tax: €2.75

2R9-13565-00 Carburetor Joint - RD400, RD250LC, RD350LC & RZ Models

Quality reproduction joint between carburetor and cylinder for Yamaha motorcycles. Two are requ..

€27.50 Ex Tax: €27.50

3GG-12428-01 Water Pump Gasket - RD250LC, RD350LC, RD350 YPVS & RZ Models

Quality reproduction water pump gasket / housing gasket for Yamaha motorcycles.  COMPATIBL..

€4.25 Ex Tax: €4.25

4L0-13174-00 Oil Pipe Holder - RD250LC, RD350LC, RD350 YPVS & RZ Models

Quality reproduction rubber oil injection line (oil pipe)  holder for Yamaha motorcycles.COMPAT..

€5.30 Ex Tax: €5.30

4L0-13174-0B Oil Pipe Blanking Plug - RD250LC, RD350LC, RD350 YPVS & RZ Models

Quality reproduction rubber oil injection line plug /blanking rubber for Yamaha motorcycles. It seal..

€5.40 Ex Tax: €5.40

4L0-14453-00 Carb to Air Cleaner Joint - RD250LC, RD350LC, RD350 YPVS & RZ Models

Quality reproduction carburettor to air cleaner joint - intake rubber for Yamaha..

€13.50 Ex Tax: €13.50

4L0-21485-00 Engine Mounting Damper - RD250LC, RD350LC, RD350 YPVS & RZ Models

Quality reproduction engine mounting damper for Yamaha motorcycles. Sold individually, but four are ..

€10.95 Ex Tax: €10.95

4L0-22151-00 Guard Seal - RD250LC RD350LC

Quality reproduction guard seal / swing arm protector for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE MODELS1980-..

€6.80 Ex Tax: €6.80

4L0-24183-00 Fuel Tank Damper - RD250LC RD350LC & RZ Models

Quality reproduction damper for a fuel tank on Yamaha motorcycles. It fits onto the frame of your mo..

€14.50 Ex Tax: €14.50

93103-40077 RD/RZ/TZ Crankshaft Oil Seal

JAPANESE IMPORT original crank shaft oil seal 40-62-10 (360) for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE..

€11.25 Ex Tax: €11.25

RD250LC & RD350LC Oil Seal Kit

Reproduction set of oil seals for complete restoration of your engine.This set contains the followin..

€34.95 Ex Tax: €34.95

Side Panel Grommet Kit (90480-12053, 90480-01141)

Quality reproduction side panel mounting grommet kit for Yamaha motorcycles. The kit contains two ro..

€7.20 €6.15 Ex Tax: €6.15

126-13116-00 Oil Pump Mounting Gasket

Reproduction oil pump mounting gasket / pump case gasket from quality gasket paper for Yamaha m..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €2.00