1M3-27114-00 Main Stand Stopper / Seat Damper

1M3-27114-00 Main Stand Stopper / Seat Damper

Quality rubber replacement damper for Yamaha motorcycles. 

This rubber has two functions depending on your motorcycle model, it either fits on the underside of the seat to cushion it from vibrations or it is fitted to the frame next to the silencer to stop the stand from hitting it - please check your manual for details.

You might need one or more depending on it's location on your model.


1963-66 YG1     

1964-65 MG1   

1964-65 YJ1       

1964-65 YJ2       

1965 YJ3              

1965-66 YA6      

1966-67 YL1      

1968 YCS1 /YCS1C           

1970-71 HS1 /HS1B        

1970-90 FS1 /FS1E /FS1E DX       

1971 CS3             

1971-72 AS3   YAS3   

1972 CS5            

1972 LS2             

1973-75 RD60   

1973-79 RD125 

1973-79 RD200 

1975-76 RS100 

1976-78 LB802  

1976-81 LB80    

1978-90 LB50    

1979 RD50M     

1979-82 RS200 

1980 XS250        

1980-82 XS400                                 

1981 XS850H     

1982 RD80LC     

1982-83 XJ650  

1985 RZ50          

1985-87 DT125 

1986-92 DT80LC               

1986-92 YSR80 

1987 YB100        

1987-92 YSR50

1988 RD350 YPVS F2 2UA Spain

1992-95 RD350 YPVS 4CE6 Brazil

Height 11mm
Outer Diameter 20mm
Overal Height 19mm

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