214-84553-01 Rear Light Damper

214-84553-01 Rear Light Damper

Quality rubber replacement of rear light damper for Yamaha motorcycles. It fits between mudguard and rear light.  Also matches version 214-84553-02. 

1968 DT11970-71 HS1 /HS1B1971 DT1E /DT1MX1972 CT21973 AT31973-74 TX7501974-76 DT1751973 RT3
1969 DT1B /DT1S1970-73 YDS7 DS7 1971 HT1B1972 DT21973 CT31973-75 RD250 /RD250A /RD250B (Not for UK models)1975-76 RS1001976-77 RD400C / RD400D
1970 RT11970-73 YR5 R5 /R5B /R5C1971 RT1B1972 LS21973 DT31973-76 RD125 /RD125B /RD125C1975-76 XS6501977-80 RD50M
1970 XS11970 DT1C /DT1CMX1971 XS1B1972 LT21973 LT31973-76 RD350 /RD350A /RD350B (Not for UK models)1975-78 XS5001987-89 FS1
1970-71 CS31971 AT1C /AT1MX1971-72 AS31972 RT21973-74 TX5001974-75 DT100 USA1976 RD250C1989 YD125 / YD125S
1970-71 G6S / G6SB1971 CT1C1972 AT21972 XS21973-74 TX6501974-76 DT100

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  • Brand: PGM Rubber
  • Product Code: LGHT1 - 214-84553-01-00, 214-84553-02-00
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