2GU-15326-00 LC YPVS Engine Mounting Damper

Also matches old number 4L0-15326-00.

2GU-15326-00 LC YPVS Engine Mounting Damper

Quality reproduction engine mounting damper for Yamaha motorcycles.

It insulates engine from the frame. 

Sold individually, but two are usually required per motorcycle - please check your manual for details.


1980-82 RD350LC             

1980-82 RZ250LC              

1980-82 RZ350LC              

1980-86 RD250LC             

1983 RZ350K      

1983-85 RD350YPVS LC2

1983-86 RZ250R (29L, 1AR, 51L, 1XG, 3HM1, 3HM2)               

1983-90 RZ250 (34J, 1GA, 1HX, 3RT1, 3RT2, 2UY)   

1984 RZ350L       

1985 RZ350N /NC / NC2  

1985-86 RD350 YPVS F1

1985-86 RD350 YPVS N1 (1JF)      

1986-87 RD350 YPVS N2 (1UA)     

1986-89 RZ350S /T/U/W   

1986-91 RD350 YPVS F2

1986-91 TZR250 (1KT, 2AW, 2MA, 2XW)     

1988 RD350 YPVS F2 (2UA Spain)

1988-2009 YFZ350 Banshee                           

1988-90 TDR240

1988-90 TDR250

1991-92 R1-Z

1992-95 RD350R YPVS (all Brazil)

More parts for RD350 YPVS models are here.


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