2H7-27414-00 Footrest/Exhaust Damper

2H7-27414-00 Footrest/Exhaust Damper

Quality rubber replacement damper for Yamaha motorcycles. This rubber has two functions depending on your motorcycle model, it either works as mounting grommet for the footrests or it cushions the exhaust  - please check your manual for details. Two dampers are usually required.

1978-80 XS11001980-82 RZ350 /RZ350LC1982 XJ7501985-91 FZ7501987-88 FZR7501993-00 XJR4001993-98 YZF7501998-03 FZS600
1980-82 RD350LC1980-86 RD250LC1984-02 XJ6001987 FZ7001987-95 FZR10001993-96 YZF7501997 FZ4002002-06 BT1100
1980-82 RZ250 /RZ250LC1981-93 XJ4001984-90 FJ6001987-88 FZR7501987-95 SR5001993-98 GTS10001997-01 YZF1000

Inner Diameter14.5mm
Outer Diameter30mm / 26.5mm

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