86A-13142-00 Oil Pump Housing Gasket

86A-13142-00 Oil Pump Housing Gasket

Replacement oil pump housing gasket from quality gasket paper for Yamaha motorcycles.  Also matches versions 137-13142-00. It fits between the body of the oil pump and the case cover.

1963-66 YG11965-66 YA61966-67 YL11969 AT11973-75 RD350 /RD350A /RD350B1976-79 RD250C /RD250D /RD250E /RD250F1980-82 RD350LC1983-89 RZ350
1964-65 YJ11965-67 YM11967-69 CS11969 R31973-81 RD1251976-80 RD400C /RD400D /RD400E /RD400F /RD400G1980-82 RZ250LC1983-91 RD350 YPVS (some models)
1964-65 YJ21966 YGS11968 YAS1 AS11972 LS21975-83 TY1251976-81 DT1001980-86 RD250LC1991-92 R1-Z
1964-66 YDS31966-67 U51969 AS21973-75 RD250 /RD250A /RD250B1975-83 TY1751977-80 RD50M

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  • Brand: PGM Rubber
  • Product Code: GSK2 - 86a-13142-00-00, 137-13142-00-00
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