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Quality reproduction rubber washer for Yamaha motorcycles.

 It can serve two different purposes, either as a mounting grommet for a side panel for RD200/250/350 models or a real light rubber washer for all other models.

Most models require two of these rubbers.


1973-75 RD250 /RD250A /RD250B           

1973-75 RD350 /RD350A /RD350B           

1973-76 RD200 

1981 RD250LC (4L1)       

1981-82 RZ350 

1982 RD350LC (4L0)       

1982-85 RZ125 

1984 XT250L /XT250LC  

1985-2001 XT350            

1985-91 SRX250               

1986 RD125LC   

1988-95 DT200                                                 

1988-95 DT50   

1989-2013 TW200           

1989-90 TDR250              

1990-95 XT600 

1991 RD75LC (1NM)      

1994-96 TTR250R            

1996 XJR500R2

1999-2004 TW125

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