90480-14023 Grommet

90480-14023 Grommet

Quality rubber replacement grommet for Yamaha motorcycles and other products.  

It can serve numerous purposes and can be located in the following areas depending on your model (side panel, headlights, master cylinder, airbox, mudguard, oil tank, tool tray, tail light, battery box). Some models might require several of these grommets - please check your manual for details.

This grommet fits to products throughout Yamaha range from motorbikes, scooters, boats, jet skis etc. - too many models to list below.

Height 15mm
Inner Diameter 10mm
Outer Diameter 19mm

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  • Brand: PGM Rubber
  • Product Code: GROM7 - 90480-14023-00, 83977-43100-00
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  • €2.40
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