Welcome to Sumo Rubber!

We are home of quality rubber and plastic parts for Japanese motorcycles.


Who are we?

Sumo Rubber is owned jointly by Jason and Jackie and it is run as a family business. We both have very strong customer service and technical background and we love motorcycles, especially old classic Yamaha and Enduro models. Our little son is getting the bug too, he was listing through motorcycle magazines way before he could walk and we can’t wait to get him his first bike when he gets a little older.


Why Sumo Rubber?

We chose the name Sumo as it represents both strength as well as challenge. We want to create a strong brand in the small niche market of aftermarket and obsolete parts. The challenge for us is to compete with the growing number of “one stop shops” that promise to supply all parts under the sun regardless of quality and reliability. The word Rubber just came to us naturally as most of our products are made from rubber material and we cooperate closely with our main supplier.


Our product

Our specialization are Yamaha motorcycle parts, primarily those that already obsolete from Yamaha or very hard to obtain. We continuously scan the current market for obsolete parts that are in demand and together with our partner manufacturer, we try to fill the gap in supply with high quality reproduction parts. Quality control is also very important to us and we encourage all our customers to give us a review or feedback.


Our values

As a family run business we value loyalty, honesty and reliability. We want to build our business on positive experience and provide our customers with the best service possible. We have experienced firsthand the frustration a customer can face when buying from a shop that concentrates only on turnaround and sales, and we promised to ourselves that though we want Sumo Rubber to be profitable and successful, we don’t want to compromise our customer’s experience. We will always aim to answer all enquiries to our best ability!


Our vision

Our business idea was inspired by our true friend who several decades ago set off for a journey from United Kingdom to India on an old Yamaha motorbike. A journey that started as a bet between brothers, ended up  changing lives to thousands of people by setting up factories, charities (like JBF Scotland) and supporting local communities in India. We are grateful for the legacy, experience and attitude of our friend, who is an ongoing inspiration for us.

But our business vision and goal is much bigger. We would like to expand our range of products to cover any rubber and plastic parts for not only Yamaha motorcycles but also jet skis, boats and snow mobiles that are obsolete or hard to obtain and there is still a demand for their parts on the market. We are also looking into diversifying to other brands such as Kawasaki and Suzuki.


Final words

We are hoping you will find our website easy to navigate and we are looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and reviews.


Jason & Jackie