Yamaha CS History

The history of the 200cc Yamaha motorcycles starts with Yamaha YCS1 Bonanza, which was manufactured between 1967-1969. It was a small street bike with the typical two stroke parallel twin aircooled engine and displacement of 180cc.

Designed for learner drivers, commuting and weekend fun, the early YCS was fairly light, 119kg with empty fuel tank, however that could change considerably, when the 11l tank was full.

The second version of early CS models was introduced in 1968 - Yamaha YCS2.


New generation of Yamaha CS

The breakthrough in development came in 1970 with the introduction of Yamaha CS3. CS3 had an air cooled 197cc twin-cylinder two-stroke engine with piston port controlled fuel injection.

Like many Yamaha bikes of that era, it had a single overhead cam, five speed transmission with chain final drive, manual and electric kickstart and the front wheel as well as rear wheel were fitted with expandable drum brakes. The oil was supplied to the engine using the Yamaha oil injection system, which helped the bike perform much better that the average motorcycle of the era.

The suspension was typical for the era, front suspension consisted of telescopic forks and dual shocks were fitted at the rear.

The final stage came in 1972 with Yamaha CS5, before the reed valves were introduced in 1974 and the Yamaha CS 200 series were renamed to Yamaha RD200.

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