Official picture of Yamaha CT1 175 Motorcycle in green colour

Yamaha CT 175 History & Specifications

The first Yamaha CT175 bike was introduced to the US market in 1969 as a smaller version of the already popular Yamaha Dt-1 250. It was a small dual-purpose motorcycle designed for road use as well as trails. The production of CT1 models lasted only 4 years before being replaced by the Yamaha DT175.

The 1969 Yamaha CT1 was fairly light, with weight just under 100 kg, the overall ground clearance, especially raised rear fenders and exhaust, was good for a trail bike, but it lacked raised front fenders.

Yamaha CT1 Motorcycle Specification

Yamaha CT1 1969 had air cooled 175cc single cylinder two-stroke engine with piston port controlled fuel injection. Like many Yamaha of that era, it had a single overhead cam, 5-speed gears with chain transmission, manual kickstart and the front wheel as well as rear wheel were fitted with expandable drum brakes. The oil was supplied to the engine using the Yamaha autolube system.

There were several, mainly cosmetic, modifications done to the Yamaha CT1 over the years. The 1972 Yamaha 175 Enduro had reed valves introduced instead of the old-fashioned piston ports, however all Yamaha CT model serial numbers retained the CT1 prefix.

Here are the years and serial numbers of Yamaha CT 175 motorcycles for your reference:

1969 Yamaha CT1 - CT1-000101
1970 Yamaha CT1B - CT1-010101
1971 Yamaha CT1C - CT1-200101 & CT1-032101
1972 Yamaha CT2 - CT1-065101
1973 Yamaha CT3 - CT1-100101

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Stand, Footrest & Brake Pedal

If exposed to element, footrest rubbers crack, we therefore stock footrest rubbers, gear lever as well as kickstart rubber.

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Other Yamaha 175 Enduro Spares

We also stock swing arm bushes, mudguard dampers, various grommets, seals and spare light bulbs. We are constantly adding new original Yamaha parts sourced from our OEM supplier as well as reproductions from various reputable suppliers.

Many of these items have been discontinued for decades! We don’t aim to provide a complete list of spare Yamaha CT 175 parts, but If you can’t find a specific part on our website to fit your restoration project or you need a parts list, please contact us via email address or the contact-us form below. 

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