1A0-24181-00 Fuel Tank Damper

1A0-24181-00 Fuel Tank Damper

Quality rubber replacement damper for a fuel tank on Yamaha motorcycles. Together with the pair damper 1A0-24186-00, they stop excessive vibrations from damaging your fuel tank.  It's positioning varies depending on your motorcycle model. Two pairs are usually required  - please check your manual for details.

1976 RD250C1977 RD250D1977-81 DT400MX1978 RD400E 1979 RD400F 1985-6 RD350 YPVS F11986-87 RD350 YPVS N21986-91 RD350 YPVS F2
1976 RD400C 1977 RD400D 1978 DT250E1978 YZ80E/YZ80F1980 RD400G1985-86 RD350 YPVS F11986-87 SDR200  1992-95 RD350R YPVS
1977 DT400D 1977-81 DT250MX1978 DT400E 1979 RD250E/ RD250F1983-86 RZ250R (29L, 1AR, 51L, 1XG, 3HM, 3HM2)  1986 RD350 YPVS F2-2UA

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