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Official image of Yamaha YDS7 or so called Yamaha DS7 motorcycle1972 Yamaha DS7 250 History - Yamaha YDS7 Classic

Inspired by the race bikes of the late 1960s, the Yamaha DS7 250 (or also called Yamaha YDS7) was a lighter and slimmer motorcycle than its predecessors. It was a great bike for its age and yet another step towards the famous Yamaha RD series with reed valve induction system. The mighty Yamaha YDS7 was introduced to the market in 1972 (together with its larger sister Yamaha R5) and soon became popular amongst racing bikes enthusiasts.

Yamaha DS7 in detail

1972 Yamaha DS7 had air cooled 250cc twin two-stroke engine with piston port controlled fuel injection. The crankcase housed five-speed gearbox with a chain drive transmission, the front wheel as well as rear wheel were fitted with expandable drum brakes. It also had only manual kick-start. There was no need to pre-mix fuel and oil as these bikes were "oil injected". The oil tank and the fuel tank were kept separate with sight glass into oil tank providing rider access to check the levels.

Early Yamaha motorcycles were easily identified with engine numbers matching the frame numbers, usually introduced in a specific colour signifying the year it was made. 1972 Yamaha DS7 250 was produced in Candy Orange colour with Serial No: DS7-100101-125298.

With the introduction of reed valves in 1973, the Yamaha RD250 was born.

1972 Yamaha DS7 Parts

As motorcycles evolved, so did their parts and factories had to adapt. Some parts are just not economical for Yamaha to produce anymore, so we have decided to stock some high quality reproductions of this classic Yamaha DS7 café racer. If you can’t find a specific part on our website to fit your DS7 250 restoration project, or you need a parts list, please email us.

We understand that especially rubber parts and seals disintegrate over time. We now stock over 80 essential Yamaha YDS7 parts required for your restoration project.

Air Cleaner Parts 

If your motorcycle loses power, it is usually a sign of an intake issue. We stock most of the essential rubber items for DS7 airbox repair such as airbox dampers, airbox strap, carb. manifold, and well as intake joint with matching clamp and spring band.

Stand, Footrest & Brake Pedal Parts 

If exposed to element, footrest rubbers crack, we therefore stock front & rear footrest rubbers, gear lever as well as kickstart rubber. We also have footrest dampers, stand stopper, tension spring and various nuts and bolts in stock.

Crankcase & Transmission Parts 

If you need to rebuild your crankcase, you should not opt out for cheap oil seals. We supply ARS Japan OEM original crank seal kit with smooth seal edges ready to be fitted in. Add new gaskets or breather and your restoration is set for success.

Oil Pump & Tank Parts 

Rebuilding an old oil pump is certainly easier than finding a new one on the market. Through we don’t supply hardware for it, we have a full kit of seals and gasket to help you restore your classic Yamaha lube oil pump in no time. We also stock replacement oil tank windows, dampers, pipe holders or even blanking plugs if you decide to remove the pump altogether.

Many of these parts have been discontinued for decades! We don’t aim to provide a complete list of spare Yamaha DS7 250 parts, but If you can’t find a specific part on our website to fit your restoration project, or you need a parts list, please contact us via email address or the contact-us form below. We also offer free shipping on orders over certain value.

If you need spare parts for Yamaha RD models, we have a dedicated category for these bikes too.

Technical Specification of Yamaha YDS7 / DS7

Model: Yamaha YDS7 / DS7

Model year: 1970-1972

Motorcycle Type: Naked Bike

Wet weight: 146kg (321.9 pounds)

Fuel tank capacity: 12 litres (3.17 gallons)

Engine, Intake & Transmission

Displacement: 247cc

Engine: parallel twin cylinder, piston-port, two-stroke

Top speed: 140 km/h (87 ph)

Fuel system: Carburettor26mm Mikuni

Ignition: Battery operated Mitsubishi contact breaker

Cooling system: Air cooled

Gearbox: 5-speed

Transmission: Chain

Start up: Kickstarter

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Front suspension: 34mm Telescopic fork

Rear suspension: twin shock

Front brakes: Twin leading shoe drum brake

Rear brakes: Drum brake

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