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Brilliant Red Yamaha DT125 from 1973Early Yamaha DT125

Building on the success of the early off-road DT-1 models, Yamaha Corporation in 1974 introduced the dual-purpose Yamaha DT 125.  This little mighty motorcycle had a reliable single cylinder 2-stroke air-cooled engine, Mikuni carburettor, V-shaped reed valve and reliable shoe shaped drum brakes both at front and rear. The double cradle frame of all DT series motorcycles have been modified to suit perfectly the dual purpose they have been designed for.

The DT125 had a lightweight body and raised fender and exhaust, which travelled from the centre of the engine up and was tucked under the seat. The handlebars had cross members making them more rigid and stable, the front suspension was solved by hydraulic forks and dual shock swingarm was installed at the rear.

Despite being design for off-roading, the DT 125cc motorcycle was fully roadworthy. It had shock mounted tacho and speedo meters, turn signals and well as rear stop light. The seat was slim, but comfortable, and heavy duty multiply tires ensure good contact with any surface.

Yamaha DT125 was renowned for its strong acceleration, agility and responsive handling.

Since introduced, DT 125 two strokes were ideal for a variety of functions whether it was commuting to work, dirt bike fun or off-road adventure. They were motorcycles both for leisure and work, especially popular in the farming industry.

Development of DT125

The 125cc DT motorcycle went through many modifications and updates over the coming decades, most noticeably the single shock absorber at rear swing arm called "monocross" on Yamaha DT 125 MX.

The monocross system consists of one long hydraulic shock absorber attached to the frame on one end and the swing arm on the other. This way, the up-down movement in the rear wheel area is realigned, which improves shock absorption and ensures good performance on rough surfaces and the rider's comfort.

There were other advancements made to the enduro over the years: DT 125-E received electric (CDI) starter charged by flywheel magneto, bash plate was added to the underside of the frame to protect the engine, racing type chain tensioner, emergency stop switch, protective padding on handlebars or improved silencer.

In the year 1980, same as many Yamaha models, the liquid cooled engine was introduced to the dual sport bikes, creating on the DT 125LC. The LC model reverted to manual kickstart, but many featured stayed. It had the revolutionary Torque induction, even lighter frame, large padded seat suitable for driver as well as passenger. The instruments were now housed in a headlamp cowl, protecting them from the elements and giving the bike an innovative appearance.

In the mid-1980's disc brakes at the front wheel were introduced, followed by rear wheel on the 1987 model DT 125R. This latest trail bike was a true motocross derived bike. Inspired by the 1987 World 125cc Motocross Championship, it was based on the winning YZ125 liquid cooled engine, crankcase with reed valve induction and YEIS & YPVS variable exhaust timing. The tank could now carry a whopping 10l of fuel, the front forks' suspension was improved with 41 mm  telescopic tubes. Production of DT125R continued successfully until the new millennium.

Yamaha DT 125 parts

As Yamaha bikes evolved, so did motorcycle spare parts. Some parts are still being used nowadays and are available from Yamaha dealers directly, some were made obsolete. We offer OEM parts as well as quality reproductions of some of the most desired Yamaha DT125 parts on the market. Our aim is to supply those perishable parts that would improve the performance of your vintage enduro and help keep it on the road.

To help you with your restoration, we stock a range of Haynes motorcycle manuals, which are based on real projects, dismantling and rebuilding the particular DT 125 model. We also stock carburetor to air cleaner joints, swing arm bushes, cables, fuel tank dampers, front fork seals and dust boots, oil pump repair kit, various grommets and rubber boots as well as footrest rubbers and many more.

For those that buy on regular basis, we offer a Loyalty program, regular special offers and free shipping if you spend over certain value. If you can't find the part you are looking for, please send us an email, and we will do our best to assist you!

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This section contains parts for the following models:

1974-81 Yamaha DT 125, DT 125 A-H
1980-81 Yamaha DT 125 MX
1982 - 86 Yamaha DT 125LC
1988-02 Yamaha DT 125R / Yamaha DT 125RE

Please read the description and specification of each part carefully and refer to your model parts list for compatibility.

Technical Specifications of Yamaha DT125

Model: Yamaha DT 125 A

Year of production: 1973-2002

Type: Trail

Dry weight: 100 kg

Ground clearance: 255 mm

Seat height: 810 mm / 31.8 in

Fuel capacity: 7 litres


Engine, Intake & Transmission

Displacement: 123 cc

Engine: single cylinder head, two-stroke engine

Top speed:  105 km/h (70 mph)

Intake system: 24 mm Mikuni carburettor

Ignition: C.D.I. with 6V Magneto

Lubrication: Autolube

Cooling: Air cooled

Compression ratio: 7.0:1

Gearbox: 5-speed

Transmission: Chain

Start up: Kick-start (later models electric start)


Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Frame type: duplex cradle

Front suspension: Telescopic fork

Rear suspension: Swing arm

Front brake: Drum

Rear brake: Drum