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Factory official release picture of white Yamaha DT175 motorcycleYamaha DT 175 two stroke models

As the Yamaha brochures of the time said "born on a motocross track and raised on the road", the Yamaha DT175 was a perfect child of the early off-road DT-1 models. It was designed for various functions, so whether you were just learning to ride or wanting a good reliable commuter, you needed only one bike.

The DT175 model was in many ways the same motorcycle as the famous, smaller sister Yamaha DT125. It had an air cooled  two-stroke single cylinder engine, Japanese quality Mikuni carburettor, V-shaped reed valve, that provided instant response to negative pressure from cylinder, and drum brakes both at front and rear wheel.

The frame was a lightweight double cradle, it had tall telescopic forks with oil and spring damper design, dual shock adjustable swingarm suspension at the rear. The fenders were raised, and the exhaust was up and tucked under the seat, creating a narrow bike. The motorcycle had a low centre of gravity, 265 cm ground clearance and together with the narrow profile, offered better manoeuvring and balance capabilities.

To ensure this 2 stroke was suitable for many uses, the trail bike was fully roadworthy. It also came with shock mounted instruments, fully functioning extra large headlight, rear stop light and indicators as well as knobby tires that ensured firm grip on all types of surfaces.


Modifications to Yamaha DT 175

The development of the 175cc models closely followed the innovations of other Yamaha DT models.

It went through many upgrades over the coming decades, most noticeably the improvement to the rear suspension in 1979 - the hydraulic single shock absorber at rear swing arm called "monocross" . The DT175 MX was yet another step closer to provide all around fun and commuting motorcycle.

The two-stroke air cooled engine received a new version of cylinder. This radial finning single cylinder was designed to disperse heat quickly, it was less likely to clog with mud and dirt. The lubrication system was still kept separate and oil was fed to the engine by Yamaha autolube system, which also created not only more reliable engine, but also created less smoke and pollution with no burning oil.

The MX also retained the dual passenger seat with passenger footrests and all the mods and cons of the street bike.

Other improvements followed shortly after, with introduction of 6 speed transmission, larger fuel capacity tank, polypropylene side covers, even narrower tubular frame and an electric start on the 1978 Yamaha DT175-E models. The final stage was the introduction of the liquid cooled engine on the DT 175LC in early 1980s. There weren't many of these produced, as the production of DT175 ceased shortly after.

Since introduced, Yamaha DT motorcycles were ideal for variety of functions whether it was commuting to work, dirt bike fun or off-road adventure. The engine size of these trail bikes is one of the main differences between these the 125cc and 175cc models. Most of the other parts are interchangeable and usually match both models.


Yamaha DT175 parts

As Yamaha models evolved so did motorcycle parts, some are still being used nowadays and are available from Yamaha dealers directly, some were made obsolete. We offer OEM as well as quality reproductions of some of the most desired DT175 parts on the market. We now also stock Yamaha original parts.

We have carb to air cleaner joints, cables, fuel tank dampers, cylinder absorbers, front fork seals and dust boots, oil pump repair kit, various grommets and rubber boots as well as footrest rubbers and many more.

For those that buy on regular basis, we offer a Loyalty program, regular special offers and free shipping if you spend over certain value. If you can't find the part you are looking for, please send us an email, and we will do our best to assist you!

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This section contains parts for the following models:

1974-81 Yamaha DT175, DT175A-H
1980-81 Yamaha DT175 MX & Yamaha DT175 LC


Technical Specifications of Yamaha DT 175

Model: Yamaha DT175 A

Year of production: 1973-1981

Type: Trail

Dry weight: 98.6kg

Ground clearance: 265mm

Fuel tank capacity: 7litres


Engine, Intake & Transmission

Displacement: 171 cc

Engine: single cylinder, two-stroke with 7 piston port Torque Induction

Top speed: 115 km/h (70 mph)

Intake system: 24mm Mikuni carburettor

Ignition: C.D.I. with 6V Magneto

Lubrication: Autolube

Cooling: Air cooled

Gearbox: 5-speed

Transmission (final drive): Chain

Start up: Kick-start


Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Frame type: duplex cradle

Front suspension: Telescopic fork

Rear suspension: Swing arm

Front brake: Drum

Rear brake: Drum