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Factory official release picture of red Yamaha RD 125 motorcycle

Yamaha RD 125 History

The Yamaha RD 125 is a small, lightweight street bike that Yamaha introduced to the market in 1974. It combined proven 1960s popular design and structure and Yamaha RD refinement. It has evolved from the AS3 series with just slight engine modifications and the introduction of reed valves.

Same as its RD 250cc and 350cc cousins, the RD 125 has a twin cylinder 2-stroke air-cooled engine, yet the old style front and rear drum brakes. Over the years it received a new look - a short wheelbase, coffin shaped tank and square seat (1976 Yamaha RD 125 models onwards), several brake calliper modifications and in 1978 on the E model alloy wheels.

The two-stroke Yamaha RD 125 production continued steadily until the early 1980s and then replaced by the water-cooled single cylinder Yamaha RD125LC in 1982.

Yamaha RD 125 Parts

As Yamaha motorcycles evolved, so did parts. Those still used on bikes today are still available from Yamaha, however many have been discontinued. We offer quality reproductions of some of the most desired spares on the market for the classic two-stroke Yamaha RD125.

Fuel Tank

A leakproof and well secured fuel tank is paramount for any motorcycle. Rubber dampers and seals are the first to perish and disintegrate, especially if your beloved motorcycle is over 40 years old. Therefore, we stock both front and rear RD 125 fuel tank dampers, fuel tank cap seals as well as a petcock rebuild kit

Stand, Footrest & Brake Pedal 

If exposed to the element, footrest rubbers crack, we therefore stock front & rear footrest rubbers, gear lever as well as kickstart rubber. We also have stand stopper, swing arm bushes, chain pullers and various nuts and bolts in stock.

Crankcase & Transmission

If you need to rebuild your crankcase, you should not opt out for cheap oil seals. We supply crankshaft seals, clutch basket dampers, plastic breathers and even the crankcase emblem to assist with your renovation project. If you need new absorbers for your cylinder head, you don't need to go far either.

Oil Pump

Rebuilding an old oil pump is certainly easier than finding a new one on the market. Through we don’t supply hardware for it, we have a full kit of seals and gasket and even the oil tank window to help you restore your classic Yamaha lube pump in no time.

Plastic Items & others

Besides all the rubber items, we now added some perishable plastic spares such as rear light lens covers, indicator lens covers and reflectors. We have bulbs and oil seals, paper gaskets, cables, mudflaps and many more.

The majority of these components have been discontinued for decades! We don’t aim to provide a complete list of spares, but if you can’t find a specific part on our website to fit your restoration project, or you need a parts-list, please contact us via email address or the contact-us form below. We also offer free shipping on orders over a certain value.

We now have almost one hundred products for Yamaha RD125 now in stock and keep adding more. If you can’t find the part you are looking for, please email us, as we will do our best to source it out. 

This section contains products for the following models:

1973 Yamaha RD 125
1974 Yamaha RD 125 A
1975 Yamaha RD 125 B
1976 Yamaha RD 125 DX
1977-78 Yamaha RD 125 D
1978-79 Yamaha RD 125 E


Technical Specifications of Yamaha RD 125

Model: Yamaha RD125

Year: 1973-81

Motorcycle Type: Street Sport

Dry weight: 103 kg

Ground clearance: 155 mm

Fuel tank size: 11.5 litres (3.04 gallons)

Colour options: red, light green, silver, black, blue and yellow


Engine, Intake & Transmission

Displacement: 124 cc

Engine: two-stroke twin (parallel)

Top speed: 120-130 km/h (81 mph)

Fuel system: Teikei Carburettors

Fuel control: Port control

Ignition: Points

Lubrication system: Autolube

Cooling system: Air cooled

Gearbox: 5-speed

Transmission: Chain drive

Exhaust system: Twin chrome


Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Frame type: Steel tube

Front suspension: Telescopic fork tubes

Rear suspension: Swing arm

Front brakes: Drum brake

Rear brakes: Drum brake