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Yamaha RD125LC official magazine pictureDevelopment of RD125LC models

This single cylinder two-stroke Yamaha model was firstly introduced to the UK market in 1982. It was aimed for the learner riders that wanted a more modern equivalent to the air-cooled RD125 twin.

Yamaha RD125LC MK1

The new sporty version (MK1) received besides a liquid cooled engine also bikini faring and a belly pan Even though this 125cc model was restricted to 12 bhp and 75 mph with a micron or Allspeed exhaust (the pipes of choice at that time) it could create a nice speed of 100mph going down a hill.

Furthermore, an alloy beam frame replaced the old-fashioned tubular frame and rear suspension with a mono-shock swing arm.

Yamaha RD125LC MK2

In 1985 Yamaha updated the 125LC with the MK2 version. The new model had rounded clocks, replacing the dated rectangular ones of the MK1. Besides other improvement, wide front forks were fitted, straight spoke wheels meant that the stability and handling improved drastically.

Yamaha RD125LC MK3

Yamaha's final version of RD125LC, the RDZ125 MK3, was introduced in 1987. This model was under a lot of competition from the other Yamaha bikes as well as other Japanese motorcycles.

The only real difference between MK2 and MK3 was the new YPVS motor, the bike itself remained the same. In the UK, the power valve was blanked off for the UK learner riders, but you could get a power valve kit on the black market if you wanted the extra tuning.

In Europe, this model was marketed as the Mk2 LC2 and had a fully functional power valve (YPVS) engine.

Spare Parts for Yamaha RD125LC

Whether you have the first model of Yamaha RD125LC or any superseding models, sooner or later you might require some spare parts. We offer OEM parts as well as top quality reproductions of some of the most desired Yamaha RD125LC spares on the market.

Stand, Footrest & Brake Pedal Parts 

If exposed to element, footrest rubbers crack, we therefore stock footrest rubbers, gear lever as well as kickstart rubber. We also have stand stoppers, seat dampers and various nuts and bolts in stock. 

Front Forks & Handlebars Parts

Despite being a street bike, the seals on your fork will require changing to ensure smooth contact of the front wheel with the road. Therefore, we offer both oil seals and new dust boots. Besides, we have various rubber component for your master cylinder, new tacho and speedo cables, lever dust boots and rubber lever boots.

Fuel Tank Parts 

Having a well insulated fuel tank as well as sealing fuel tank cap is paramount. As such, we offer front fuel tank dampers as well as new fuel tank cap, fuel supply lines and replacement seals for the petcock.

Indicator & Rear Light Parts

Amongst other perishable rubber parts, we also stock reproductions of indicator and rear light lenses, mounting dampers, replacement bulbs and socket assemblies.

Furthermore, we constantly add new parts to our e-shop, so even though there are only a few today, there might be many more in a few weeks’ time. If you are looking for a particular part for any of these single stroke bikes that we don't stock yet, please email us.

Technical Specifications of Yamaha RD125LC

Model: Yamaha RD125LC

Year: 1982-87

Motorcycle Type: Standard Bike

Wet weight: 98 kg

Fuel tank size: 13 litres

Engine, Intake & Transmission

Engine displacement: 123 cc

Engine: two-stroke, Torque induction single cylinder

Top speed: 130.3 km/h (81 mph)

Fuel system: VM24 Mikuni Carburetors

Ignition: Hitachi CDI

Lubrication system: Autolube

Cooling system: Liquid cooled

Gearbox: 6-speed

Transmission: Chain drive

Starting: Kickstarter

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Frame type: Steel tube

Ground clearance: 185 mm (7.2 inches)

Front suspension: Telescopic forks

Rear suspension: Yamaha mono-cross

Front brakes: Single disc brake

Rear brakes: Drum brake