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Yamaha RD250LC official brochure photo

Development of Yamaha RD 250LC Two-stroke

While the revolution of RDLC bike was started with the 350cc model in Paris in 1979, her smaller sister Yamaha RD250LC played a large part on the European market, especially amongst learner riders.

Since riders demanded higher performance sports looking bikes, the governments all round the world were tightening their regulations on emissions. The two-stroke twin cylinder old RD had to be redesigned to meet the changing criteria, yet still be fun to ride!

The old-fashioned air cooling system was therefore replaced with water cooling (thus LC model), new carbs were fitted, new cylinders, new exhaust, motor steady bars and new reed valve all meant that the new LC models were meeting both demands.

To finish the package off, the Japanese designers added other tried and tested features like electronic ignition, mono-cross suspension and disc brakes on the front wheel. The optional fairings were just a cherry on the cake. It was an ideal cross between the old RD series and the TZ racers.

The life of two-stroke water cooled RD350LC and RD250LC was short-lived though, innovations to cooling and exhaust system were just one step forward, a whole new system was in making and in 1983 the Yamaha Power Valve System opened a brand-new chapter.

Compared to a modern bike, the 250cc LC classic bike was said to be a bit wobbly and skittish, but back in them days, that was all part of the fun! Little design flaws had to be overcome if you wanted to race the RD250LC two strokes back in the days. The most common modifications were removing the rear mudguards and indicator stems, so they might be the restoration nightmare to replace.

Yamaha RD250LC Parts

As motorcycles evolved so did parts, some are still being used nowadays and are available from authorised dealers directly, some were made obsolete. We offer OEM parts as well as top quality reproductions of some of the most desired RD250LC spares on the market.

In our dedicated category, you can find parts such as indicator lenses, front and rear footrests, kick-start and gear lever rubbers, panel grommets, fork seals, hand grips, seat dampers, various seals and gaskets, intake hoses and many more.

We add to our stock on a regular basis, both importing OEM parts from Japan or reproducing those parts that have been obsolete for years. If you can’t find the part you are looking for, please email us, and we will do our best to source it out. 

Technical Specifications of Yamaha RD250LC

Model: Yamaha RD250LC

Year: 1980-86

Motorcycle Type: Standard Bike

Dry weight: 139 kg

Fuel tank size: 16.50 Litres

Engine, Intake & Transmission

Displacement: 247 cc 

Engine: 2-stroke parallel twin

Top speed:  163.0 km/h (101.3 mph)

Fuel system: VM26 Mikuni Carburetors

Ignition: CDI

Lubrication system: Yamaha autolube

Cooling system: Liquid cooled

Gearbox: 6-speed

Transmission: Chain drive

Starting: Kickstarter

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Frame type: Steel tube

Ground clearance: 165 mm 

Front suspension: Telescopic forks

Rear suspension: Yamaha Monocross

Front brakes: Single disc brake

Rear brakes: Drum brake

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