Have your Yamaha parts catalogue at hand

We are a small business and such, it isn't in our power to list all Yamaha models and years of manufacturing for every part listed in our shop. We will, however, always list a corresponding OEM part numbers.

As such, we suggest that you obtain a parts list or parts catalogue, that is specific to your Yamaha motorcycle model and year. That way, you can ensure that the purchased part was designed for your bike.

Also note, that we suggest that all brake parts should be installed by an experienced mechanic, who will follow all the necessary safety precautions and manufacturer's guidelines!

OEM Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

Sumo Rubber provides an ever-growing collection of top quality Yamaha motorcycle parts. We source our parts from many countries. We buy from wholesalers in the United Kingdom, to suppliers in Germany, USA, Asia & Japan. In our stock, you can find brand names such as TourMax Japan, Athena Italy, Kedo Germany and others.

As you know, Yamaha has changed the design and part numbers of many of their parts over the years. Some items in our parts catalogue have more than one OEM number listed, and the design might differ slightly from the 30+ year old item on your vehicle.

Reproduction Spare Parts for Yamaha Motorcycles

Besides offering already available parts for Yamaha motorcycles, we are proud to commission some new exclusive reproduction items. We now have more than one manufacturer lined up, who are helping us reproduce some of the rarest spares on the market.

We are using a reverse engineering method in reproducing spare parts, which means that all reproduction spare parts are produced to look and function exactly the same as the original items. Since many of these parts are almost impossible to buy, we work closely with our customers, who are helping us provide good quality samples to work as templates for reproduction. For more details, read this story of one particular reproduction motorcycle part.

As such, we are hoping we can help you maintain your classic Yamaha motorcycle and keep riding it for many years to come!

Making your search easier...

You can choose from the model categories above or use the Search field (use a format such as RD250 without the space!) . If you can’t find a part for your bike in our online selection, please contact us. We will do our best to source it out or add it to our reproduction list.

Sumo Rubber doesn't have a physical shop that you could visit. We operate online only. However, we ship orders to customers all over the World including UK, European Union, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. We also offer free shipping for orders over certain value.

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