1970-90 Yamaha FS1 Parts - Yamaha FS1 DX Parts

1970-90 Yamaha FS1 Parts - Yamaha FS1 DX Parts

The legendary Yamaha FS1 moped of the 1970’s is making its comeback, whether you love a restoration challenge, found your dad’s little gem hidden at the back of the shed or want to dust off your early motorcycling memories, this little bike has lots to offer. Designed as a bike for the 16 year olds, Yamaha FS1 (or the English version FS1-E) has one 49cc cylinder aircooled engine, 4 gears and max. speed of 50 km/hour. Only later models (FS1E DX) were equipped with front hydraulic disk brakes and autolube system. The old British models also have special pedal cranks, which were required by law back in the days. Fizzy or Fizzie as it was nicknamed, came in several different colours from Candy Gold on SS model to Popsicle Purple on Yamaha FS1-E to Baja Brown, Competition Yellow, Space Blue and Chappy Red.

As Yamaha models evolved so did parts, some are still being used nowadays and are available from Yamaha dealers directly, some were made obsolete. We offer a quality reproductions of some of the most desired Yamaha FS1 and Yamaha FS1 DX parts on the market.


This section contains aftermarket reproduction parts for vintage and classic motorcycles Yamaha Fizzy FS1 & FS1E:

1970-1973 Yamaha FS1-SS

1974-1976 Yamaha  FS1-E

1975-1976 Yamaha FS1E DX

1977-1989 Yamaha  FS1

1977-1981 Yamaha  FS1 DX

1981-1982 Yamaha FS1-SE Chopper

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122-21517-00 FS1 FS1E Cable Guide Pad

Quality reproduction rubber cable guide pad (122-21517-00) for Yamaha motorcycles.COMPATIBLE MODELSF..

€4.70 Ex Tax: €4.70

122-27413-00 FS1 FS1E Footrest Cover

Quality reproduction footrest rubber for Yamaha motorcycles. Two are required to refresh the look of..

€7.20 Ex Tax: €7.20

129-15489-10 FS1 TZ250 TZ350 Blanking Plug

Quality reproduction of oil pump cable blanking plug / pump wire grommet for Yamaha motorcycles. It ..

€4.80 Ex Tax: €4.80

129-24183-00 FS1 FS1E Fuel Tank Damper

Quality reproduction rubber damper for a fuel tank / fuel tank mounting rubber on Yamaha motorcycles..

€3.60 Ex Tax: €3.60

136-82598-00 FS1 XS750 Grommet

Quality reproduction rubber grommet for Yamaha motorcycles.  It can serve two different pu..

€2.05 Ex Tax: €2.05

150-84153-00 RD125 XS650 Headlight Bowl Grommet

Quality reproduction rubber headlight bowl grommet for Yamaha motorcycles. Inner diameter: 23m..

€4.20 Ex Tax: €4.20

164-82131-00 FS1 Battery Band

Quality reproduction rubber battery band/strap for Yamaha motorcycles.COMPATIBLE MODELS1969 YG5S1970..

€5.85 Ex Tax: €5.85

1A0-21518-00 FS1 RD XS Virago Cable Holder

Quality reproduction rubber cable holder (1A0-21518-00) for Yamaha motorcycles.COMPATIBLE MODELSFS1 ..

€3.75 Ex Tax: €3.75

1J3-25854-01 FS1 FS1DX XS Reservoir Diaphragm Front

Quality reproduction of master cylinder reservoir diaphragm for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE ..

€13.50 Ex Tax: €13.50

1J3-25855-01 FS1 FS1DX XS Diaphragm Bushing

Quality reproduction of master cylinder diaphragm bushing for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE MO..

€13.50 Ex Tax: €13.50

1L4-14612-00 FS1 RD50 RD60 Exhaust Nut

Quality reproduction exhaust nut / muffler joint for Yamaha motorcycles.Reproduction part functionin..

€7.75 Ex Tax: €7.75

1M3-83513-00 Tachometer Cup Damper - FS1, DT50, DT80 & DT100

Quality reproduction rubber speedometer cup damper for Yamaha motorcycles. Two are usually..

€3.85 Ex Tax: €3.85

1Y1-83312-00 FS1 RD50M TY50 Indicator Lens

Reproduction lens for front or rear turn signals on Yamaha motorcycles.Sold individually, but may re..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €4.50

257-14454-00 FS1 FS1E Air Cleaner to Frame Joint

Quality reproduction air cleaner to frame joint for Yamaha motorcycles. It is suitable to all models..

€7.50 Ex Tax: €7.50

257-15417-01 FS1 FS1E YB Blanking Plug

Quality reproduction of blanking plug / rubber cover for Yamaha motorcycles. It can work either as c..

€2.70 Ex Tax: €2.70

283-14453-00 FS1 Carb to Air Cleaner Joint

Quality rubber replacement carburetor to air cleaner joint - intake rubber for Y..

€17.50 Ex Tax: €17.50