Yamaha AS1 Parts - Yamaha AS2 Parts

Yamaha AS1 Parts - Yamaha AS2 Parts

Back in 1960’ s 125cc engine motorcycles were used as utility vehicles, but as technology advanced, they became more and more popular as sport and touring bikes. If you were a teenager back in those days, the Yamaha YAS1 could have easily been a motorcycle of your dreams.

Yamaha YAS1

Introduced in 1967 in Japan, Yamaha AS1 defied all motorcycle logic with its miniaturisation and simplicity. Yamaha 125 AS1 was lightweight and relatively cheap with many parts identical to the Yamaha FS1 moped. The basic tubular frame carried 125cc two stroke twin air cooled engine. Both YAS1 & YAS2 had cast iron twin cylinders, single shoe drum brakes at front and rear, chain transmission, enclosed suspension at front and rear and chromed tank panels. The sports bike look was finished off with twin chrome exhausts. It came in two colours only Red or Blue.

1970 Yamaha AS2 / YAS2 was an aesthetic evolution of YAS1 with different tachometer, double cam and larger fuel tank

1971 Yamaha AS3 / YAS3 received a major upgrade. It was larger, heavier and much chunkier version of the old YAS1. The engine was housed in a new frame, it got new set of front forks, aluminium cylinder and other new features.

The popularity of Yamaha AS3 125, especially in France and continental Europe, was so immense,  that Yamaha made special edition bike, the Yamaha YAS3 Europa with wide large capacity 11.5l fuel tank and even optional full race kits for all YAS models. With the reed intake valves introduced in 1973 the era of YAS Pocket Rocket ended followed by the next generation Yamaha RD125 (Yamaha RD AS3).

Yamaha YAS Parts

As Yamaha models evolved so did parts, some are still being used nowadays and are available from Yamaha dealers directly, some were made obsolete. We offer a quality reproductions of some of the most desired Yamaha YAS1 parts & Yamaha YAS2 spares on the market.

Due to popularity and slight difference between earlier models and the 1971 Yamaha AS3, we made a special category just for this model alone! If you can’t find a specific part on our website to fit your YAS restoration project or you need a parts list, please email us.

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122-27413-00 FS1 FS1E Footrest Cover

Quality reproduction footrest rubber for Yamaha motorcycles. Two are required to refresh the look of..

€7.20 Ex Tax: €7.20

183-11512-00 AS3 RD125 Crankshaft Seal

Quality reproduction rubber crankshaft o-ring seal for Yamaha motorcycles. Two are required per moto..

€14.50 Ex Tax: €14.50

183-22151-00 RD50M TY80 Swing Arm Protector

Quality reproduction guard seal / swing arm protector for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE MODELS1967 ..

€2.80 Ex Tax: €2.80

122-24181-00 Fuel Tank / Mudguard Damper

Quality reproduction rubber damper for a fuel tank or mudguard for Yamaha motorcycles.Two are requir..

€2.40 Ex Tax: €2.40

126-13116-00 Oil Pump Mounting Gasket

Reproduction oil pump mounting gasket / pump case gasket from quality gasket paper for Yamaha m..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €2.00

12V 21/5W Stop & Tail Bulb

Quality replacement rear light / brake light / stop & tail light bulb for Yamaha motorcycle..

€1.20 Ex Tax: €1.20

12V 35/35W APF Headlight Bulb

Quality replacement APF P15d/1 headlight bulb for Yamaha motorcycles.Outer Diameter&n..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.95

132-18113-01 Gear Lever Rubber Cover

Quality reproduction shift pedal rubber / gear lever cover for Yamaha motorcycles.Length: 40mmInter..

€2.65 Ex Tax: €2.65

137-15353-00 Oil Tank Drain Cap Gasket

Reproduction oil tank drain cap gasket from quality gasket paper for Yamaha motorcycles.Outer d..

€3.55 Ex Tax: €3.55

156-15618-01 Kickstart Lever Cover

Quality reproduction rubber kickstart lever cover replacement for Yamaha motorcycles. Length: 65mm ..

€2.70 Ex Tax: €2.70

156-27413-00 Front Footrest Cover

Quality reproduction front footrest rubber for Yamaha motorcycles. Two are required to refresh the l..

€13.20 Ex Tax: €13.20

164-23462-00 Steering Dust Seal

Quality reproduction rubber steering dust seal / steering head bearing for Yamaha motorcycles and sc..

€3.75 Ex Tax: €3.75

168-82542-10 Reverse Switch Assembly Cap

Quality reproduction rubber neutral wire rubber boot / reverse switch assembly cap (for reverse swit..

€4.95 Ex Tax: €4.95

174-24741-00 Seat Pad

Quality reproduction rubber seat pad / rubber damper for Yamaha motorcycles. It is fitted to th..

€2.90 Ex Tax: €2.90

183-83312-70 Indicator Lens

Reproduction lens for front or rear turn signals on Yamaha motorcycles.Sold individually, but may re..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €4.50