Yamaha AT Models - Yamaha AT Spare Parts

Yamaha AT Models - Yamaha AT Spare Parts

What do you associate Yamaha AT bikes with? It is the simplicity of single cylinder dirt bike? The early days of learning how to ride a bike? Camping trips with family or helping on a farm? If you grew up in the 1960s or 1970s, this little gem could have easily played massive part of your childhood.

Yamaha AT1 125

The pearl white Yamaha 125 AT1 was introduced to the market in 1969. It was designed for young beginner riders or for crowded city streets, where agility was a key.  The dual-purpose enduro AT1 was light, yet robust enough to be knocked about off road, easy to maintain or modify and most importantly reliable. It was basically scaled down version of its larger sister the DT1.

Yamaha AT1 had 125cc single cylinder two stroke air cooled engine, autolube system, 12V electric start with a push button, 5 speed transmission,  twin shock rear suspension and drum brakes on both wheels. It had a lightweight and flexible chassis, rubber mounted fenders and comfortable seat. Turn signals / blinkers were optional add on feature.

Several modifications were made over the coming years. In 1970 the Yamaha AT1B was introduced followed by Yamaha AT1C one year later. For those that wanted to take off road to the next level, a special motocross edition was also designed, the M/MX models. These had some additional performance features, tuned exhaust and kick start only.

1972 Yamaha AT2 was rolled off factory line shortly after and the final version Yamaha AT3 125 in 1973, both were off-road modified yet street legal.

Yamaha AT Parts

We all at Sumo Rubber understand the challenges in keeping these old bikes up and running. As motorcycles develop, so do parts and some are just not economical for Yamaha to produce. This is where we step in and offer you quality reproduction Yamaha AT parts to help you service and restore your Yamaha AT1 125 motorcycle. Check out below for some of the most popular Yamaha AT1 125 Enduro spares, Yamaha AT2 and Yamaha AT3 parts.

Yamaha AT 125cc VIN numbers & dedicated forums are available at Yamaha-enduro.com

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174-22123-00 DT125 RD200 Swing Arm Bushing

Quality reproduction swing arm bushing for Yamaha motorcycles. Two are required per motorcycle.COMPA..

€17.85 Ex Tax: €17.85

214-15618-00 Kickstart Lever Cover - AT Models, CT Models, DT Models, XS1, XS2 & TX Models

Quality reproduction rubber kickstart lever cover replacement for Yamaha motorcycles. Length: 68mmI..

€3.20 Ex Tax: €3.20

214-21761-00 DS7 R5 AS3 Oil Tank Window

Quality reproduction oil tank glass / level gauge window for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE MOD..

€11.90 Ex Tax: €11.90

237-83523-00 RD125 RD200 Tacho/Speedo Bracket Damper

Quality reproduction rubber tachometer / speedometer bracket damper for Yamaha motorcycles..

€4.95 Ex Tax: €4.95

122-82131-00 Battery Band

Quality reproduction rubber battery band / battery strap for Yamaha motorcycles. We offer both versi..

€6.90 Ex Tax: €6.90

126-13116-00 Oil Pump Mounting Gasket

Reproduction oil pump mounting gasket / pump case gasket from quality gasket paper for Yamaha m..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €2.00

12V 21/5W Stop & Tail Bulb

Quality replacement rear light / brake light / stop & tail light bulb for Yamaha motorcycle..

€1.20 Ex Tax: €1.20

132-18113-01 Gear Lever Rubber Cover

Quality reproduction shift pedal rubber / gear lever cover for Yamaha motorcycles.Length: 40mmInter..

€2.65 Ex Tax: €2.65

137-14153-00 Carburetor Jet Washer

Quality reproduction carburetor main jet washer for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE MODELS - mig..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.95

137-15353-00 Oil Tank Drain Cap Gasket

Reproduction oil tank drain cap gasket from quality gasket paper for Yamaha motorcycles.Outer d..

€3.55 Ex Tax: €3.55

164-23462-00 Steering Dust Seal

Quality reproduction rubber steering dust seal / steering head bearing for Yamaha motorcycles and sc..

€3.75 Ex Tax: €3.75

168-82542-10 Reverse Switch Assembly Cap

Quality reproduction rubber neutral wire rubber boot / reverse switch assembly cap (for reverse swit..

€4.95 Ex Tax: €4.95

183-83312-70 Indicator Lens

Reproduction lens for front or rear turn signals on Yamaha motorcycles.Sold individually, but may re..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €4.50

1UA-82124-00 Battery Vibration Band

Quality reproduction battery band/strap for Yamaha motorcycles. It fits around the battery to k..

€13.85 Ex Tax: €13.85

214-24512-00 Fuel Tap to Tank Gasket

Reproduction fuel tap to tank gasket from quality rubber for Yamaha motorcycles.This gasket fit..

€2.85 Ex Tax: €2.85

214-24724-00 Seat Damper

Quality reproduction rubber seat damper for Yamaha motorcycles.It is fitted to the underside of the ..

€3.25 Ex Tax: €3.25