1972 Yamaha DS7 Cafe Racer History - Yamaha YDS7 Parts

1972 Yamaha DS7 Cafe Racer History - Yamaha YDS7 Parts

Inspired by the race bikes of the late 1960's, the Yamaha DS7 250 (or also called YDS7) was lighter and slimmer than its predecessors. It was yet another step towards the famous Yamaha RD series with reed valve induction system. The mighty Yamaha YDS7 was introduced to the market in 1972 and soon became popular amongst racing bikes enthusiasts.

Yamaha DS7 Specifications

Yamaha DS7 had air cooled 250cc twin two stroke engine with piston port controlled fuel injection. The crankcase housed 5-speed gears with a chain drive transmission, the front wheel as well as rear wheel were fitted with expandable drum brakes. It also had only manual kick start. There was no need to pre-mix fuel and oil, the oil tank and the fuel tank were kept separate with sight glass into oil tank providing rider access to check the levels.

Early Yamaha models were easily identified with engine numbers matching the frame numbers, usually introduced in a specific colour signifying the year it was made. 1972 Yamaha DS7 250 was produced in Candy Orange colour with Serial No: DS7-100101-125298.

Yamaha DS7 Parts

As motorcycles evolved so did their parts and factories had to adapt. Some parts are just not economical for Yamaha to produce anymore, so we have decided to stock some high quality reproductions for this classic Yamaha DS7 cafe racer. If you can’t find a specific part on our website to fit your DS7 restoration project or you need a parts list, please email us.

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131-81231-20 DS7 R5 RD Lubricator Felt

Quality reproduction lubricator felt for ignition points for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBL..

€2.80 Ex Tax: €2.80

146-27216-00 R5 DS7 RD Brake Pedal Spring

Quality reproduction brake pedal spring / rear brake spring / spring return for Yamaha motorcycles. ..

€5.70 Ex Tax: €5.70

214-21761-00 DS7 R5 AS3 Oil Tank Window

Quality reproduction oil tank glass / level gauge window for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE MOD..

€12.50 Ex Tax: €12.50

278-13555-00 DS7 R5 Carburetor Joints

Quality reproduction joint between carburetor and cylinder / intake manifolds for Yamaha motorcycles..

€34.50 Ex Tax: €34.50

278-14453-00 R5 DS7 Carb to Air Cleaner Joint

Quality reproduction carburettor to air cleaner joint - intake rubber for Yamaha motorcycl..

€17.50 Ex Tax: €17.50

278-14456-00 R5 DS7 Spring Band

Quality reproduction spring band to for the carburettor to air cleaner joint for Yamaha motorcy..

€3.60 Ex Tax: €3.60

278-27414-00 (4pc) Front Footrest Damper Kit - R5, DS7, RD250 & RD350

This kit contains reproductions of 4 front footrest rubber dampers (278-27414-00) for motorcycles Ya..

€34.00 Ex Tax: €34.00

278-82590-40 R5 DS7 Wire Harness Assembly

Quality reproduction wire harness assembly / wiring loom for Yamaha motorcycles DS7 YDS7 and R5 YR5...

€99.50 Ex Tax: €99.50

278-83560-01 R5 DS7 Tachometer Cable

Quality reproduction tachometer cable for Yamaha motorcycles. It matches the original OEM cable and ..

€25.00 Ex Tax: €25.00

90385-12020 Handlebar Mounting Rubber - RD250 RD350 DS7 R5

Quality reproduction handle bar mounting rubber for Yamaha motorcycles. There are four required..

€3.95 Ex Tax: €3.95

93103-20046 Crank Oil Seal - DS7, R1, R2, R3, R5, TR2, TR3 & TZ Models

JAPANESE IMPORT original crank shaft oil seal 20-40-10 (168) for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE..

€15.50 Ex Tax: €15.50

Fuel Tank Damper Kit - R5 DS7 RD250 RD350

This kit contains reproduction two rubber front dampers (3TB-24181-00) and two rear dampers (122-241..

€19.20 €16.30 Ex Tax: €16.30

122-24182-01 Fuel Tank Damper

Quality reproduction rubber damper for a fuel tank on Yamaha motorcycles. It fits into the fuel tank..

€5.40 Ex Tax: €5.40

122-82131-00 Battery Band

Quality reproduction rubber battery band / battery strap for Yamaha motorcycles. We offer both versi..

€6.90 Ex Tax: €6.90

126-13116-00 Oil Pump Mounting Gasket

Reproduction oil pump mounting gasket / pump case gasket from quality gasket paper for Yamaha m..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €2.00

12V 21/5W Stop & Tail Bulb

Quality replacement rear light / brake light / stop & tail light bulb for Yamaha motorcycle..

€1.20 Ex Tax: €1.20