1973-02 Yamaha DT125 Parts & Yamaha DT175 Parts

 1973-02 Yamaha DT125 Parts & Yamaha DT175 Parts

Building on the success of the early off-road DT-1 models, Yamaha Corporation in 1974 introduced the dual purpose Yamaha DT 125 and Yamaha DT 175. Both of these have single cylinder two strokes air-cooled engines, Mikuni carburetor, V-shaped reed valve and drum brakes both at front and rear. The body of all DT series motorcycles have been modified to suit perfectly the dual purpose they have been designed for. They had lightweight body, raised fender and exhaust, handlebars with cross members, telescopic front forks and dual shock swinarm rear suspension.

Development of Yamaha DT125 & Yamaha DT175

Especially Yamaha DT125 went through many modifications and updates over the coming decades, most noticeably the single shock absorber at rear swing arm called "mono-cross" - MX, liquid cooled engine on the DT 125LC model, in mid 1980's disc brakes at front and in 1987 on Yamaha DT 125 R also rear.

Since introduced, Yamaha DT125 and Yamaha DT 175 were ideal for variety of functions whether it was commuting to work, enduro fun or off-road adventure. The engine size of these trail bikes is one of the main differences between these two models, however Yamaha DT175 hasn't gone through so many modifications. Most of the other parts are interchangeable and usually match both models.

 Yamaha DT125 production continued successfully until the new millennium, with the most recent models Yamaha DT 125 R. 

Yamaha DT 125 & Yamaha DT 175 Spare Parts

As Yamaha models evolved so did parts, some are still being used nowadays and are available from Yamaha dealers directly, some were made obsolete. We offer a quality reproductions of some of the most desired DT125 & DT175 spare parts on the market.

For VIN numbers and colours please click here: DT125 models  or DT175 models

For DT125 Forums visit: DT125R or Yamaha Enduro

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174-22123-00 DT125 RD200 Swing Arm Bushing

Quality reproduction swing arm bushing for Yamaha motorcycles. Two are required per motorcycle.COMPA..

€17.85 Ex Tax: €17.85

1E6-26372-00 XJ XT Lever Cover Boot

Quality reproduction lever cover dust boot for Yamaha motorcycles. It fits over the brake or clutch ..

€9.40 Ex Tax: €9.40

1J7-11138-00 Semi-circular Plug - XJ650, XJ1100 & XS Models

Quality reproduction cylinder head cam end plug / semi-circular plug for Yamaha motorcycles.&nb..

€4.75 Ex Tax: €4.75

214-15618-00 Kickstart Lever Cover - AT Models, CT Models, DT Models, XS1, XS2 & TX Models

Quality reproduction rubber kickstart lever cover replacement for Yamaha motorcycles. Length: 68mmI..

€3.20 Ex Tax: €3.20

2A6-14453-01 DT125 USA Carb to Air Cleaner Joint

Quality reproduction carburettor to air cleaner joint - intake rubber for Yamaha..

€23.50 Ex Tax: €23.50

2A7-14453-00 DT175 MX175 Carb to Air Cleaner Joint

Quality reproduction carburettor to air cleaner joint - intake rubber for Yamaha..

€23.50 Ex Tax: €23.50

90502-08024 Steering Lock Conical Spring

Quality reproduction steering lock conical spring for Yamaha motorcycles. COMPATIBLE MODELS - Might ..

€2.35 Ex Tax: €2.35

Fuel Tank Damper Kit - DT125 DT175 DT250

This kit contains two reproduction rubber front dampers (3TB-24181-00) and two rear dampers (2A6-241..

€19.50 €16.20 Ex Tax: €16.20

Side Panel Grommet Kit (90480-12053, 90480-01141)

Quality reproduction side panel mounting grommet kit for Yamaha motorcycles. The kit contains two ro..

€7.20 €6.15 Ex Tax: €6.15

120-82131-00 Battery Band

Quality reproduction rubber battery band/strap for Yamaha motorcycles. It includes steel plated ring..

€7.20 Ex Tax: €7.20

122-82131-00 Battery Band

Quality reproduction rubber battery band / battery strap for Yamaha motorcycles. We offer both versi..

€6.90 Ex Tax: €6.90

126-13116-00 Oil Pump Mounting Gasket

Reproduction oil pump mounting gasket / pump case gasket from quality gasket paper for Yamaha m..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €2.00

12V 21/5W Stop & Tail Bulb

Quality replacement rear light / brake light / stop & tail light bulb for Yamaha motorcycle..

€1.20 Ex Tax: €1.20

12V 21W BA15s Indicator Bulb

Quality replacement indicator light bulb for Yamaha motorcycles.Fitting BA15s Compati..

€1.20 Ex Tax: €1.20

12V 35/35W APF Headlight Bulb

Quality replacement APF P15d/1 headlight bulb for Yamaha motorcycles.Outer Diameter&n..

€2.95 Ex Tax: €2.95