Selection of Yamaha motorcycle parts sold by Sumo Rubber within UK and abroad.

Rubber Yamaha Parts UK 

Sumo Rubber is a family run business that concentrates on perishable rubber parts for Japanese motorcycles. We understand that restoring a classic or vintage model is not easy and spare parts are scarce. We have therefore decide to stock some of the most frequently desired parts for your beloved motorbike.

Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

Concentrating on one brand to start with, Sumo Rubber provides ever-growing collection of top quality Yamaha motorcycle parts. We stock new after market reproductions of obsolete Yamaha OEM parts as well as Yamaha genuine rubber parts.

We concentrate on spare parts for vintage and classic Yamaha motorbikes, especially models such as Yamaha DT, Yamaha RD, the XS models and many others.

We work hand in hand with our suppliers to provide the highest quality replacement parts, so you can keep those amazing bikes on the road!

Reproduction Spare Parts

Besides offering already available motorcycle parts, we have decided to commission some new exclusive reproduction items. We now have a number of manufacturers lined up, who are helping us reproduce some of the rarest spares on the market.

They are using a reverse engineering method in reproducing genuine parts, which means that all reproduction spare parts are produced to look and function exactly the same as the original items. Since many of these parts are almost impossible to buy, we work closely with our customers, who are helping us provide good quality samples to work as templates for reproduction. For more details, read this story of one particular reproduction motorcycle part.

Other Japanese Bikes

We are already collecting information on other rubber parts such as Kawasaki, Suzuki or Honda in hope that in coming months, we can provide these parts too. If you have suggestions for rare parts for any classic Japanese motorcycle models, you are more than welcome to email us with your suggestion.

Why buy parts at Sumo Rubber?

Our Passion

We share your passion for classic motorcycles and dedication to bring them back onto the road. Restoring a vintage bike is a fantastic challenge, but can be frustrating if you can't find the parts you need. Searching for obsolete parts can be frustrating, therefore it is the constant challenge of bringing back to live old motorcycle parts that drives us forward.

Engagement with you

We want every customer to feel valued! Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and support throughout your restoration project, not only while you shop on our website. We actively engage with our customers on social media, via our specialist Facebook group and through emails. We offer a Loyalty program for frequent shoppers, a dedicated Customer Gallery, and we actively seek independent feedback both on our services and products.


Though we are not experts at restoring motorcycles, we are aiming to know everything possible about the items that we offer. We hope to stock either genuine spares or excellent quality reproductions. We take quality control and customer feedback seriously!

Making your shopping easier...

You can browse our categories above or Search by Bike. If you can’t find a part for your motorcycle in our online selection, please contact us. We will do our best to source it out or get it reproduced.

Sumo Rubber doesn't have a physical shop that you could visit. We operate online only. However, we ship orders to customers all over the World including UK, European Union, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. We also offer free shipping for orders over £100.

We also offer gift vouchers and run regular promotions and special offers.

For more updates, deals and discounts, stay in touch with us via our social media pages: FacebookTwitter & Instagram and Contact Us!