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Factory official release picture of gray and black Yamaha SR400 motorcycle

SR400 and SR500 History and Development

Yamaha SR motorcycles were the simplest air cooled bikes made by Yamaha. Both Yamaha SR400 and Yamaha SR500 were very popular amongst commuters because of their slim structure, which was ideal for congested roads of large cities, but more importantly they were reliable, easy to fix and easy to modify.

The original models of Yamaha SR400 were introduced in 1978. They had air cooled single cylinder four-stroke engine, single camshaft with 5 speed transmission, single valve on inlet and on exhaust, single carburettor and manual kick-starter only. They were in fact street versions of XT500, designed to carry two people in a standard riding posture.

The early SR models' structure was virtually the same. The engine was housed in a double cradle steel frame. The seat height was 32 inches. The bike had as standard front disc brakes and a rear drum brake, though on some models, especially in the US, disc brakes were fitted at the rear wheel as well.  The tank had a decent fuel capacity of 12 or 14 litres depending on models and year of manufacture. 

Aircooled Yamaha SR400 Japan

Yamaha SR400 motorcycle was first introduced in 1978 in Japan and for many decades it was exclusively marketed on the Japanese market only. The 399cc single was very popular especially amongst  young entry level riders as well as daily commuters in the fast growing cities. The newer version was introduced to Europe, USA and other countries in 2014.

Yamaha SR for Export

SR 500 model was intended for export, mainly for Oceania, Asia and Europe. When Yamaha SR 500 2J4 reached Germany in 1978 it became so popular, that German motorcycle magazine The Motorrad awarder Yamaha 500cc SR the “Moto of the Year” for two years in a row. Production of this model continued for over two decades until it was stopped in 1999.

New Generation SR400 Yamaha

Factory release image of 2018 version of Yamaha SR400 in blue colourThe new generation of SR400, produced after 2008, immediately took over the market. Looking very much the same as the old classic one, the retro looking SR400 had only a few modern tweaks.

The tubular frame housing the same 399cc engine remained the same, but the engine received a modern electronic fuel injection system. The front wheel had a new a hydraulic disc brake fitted, while the rear one kept the original drum brakes. There was now a sight glass into the cylinder head and a decompressor lever on the left handlebar which eased the old fashion lever kick-starter. 

The CDI ignition system was also upgraded, firstly to the transistor controlled ignition (TCI) on models post 2012, then with a valve regulated lead Acid battery fitted  underneath the seat. 

The bike ride itself was improved with several new rubber mounts and engine dampers. New catalyser was also added in 2010 to meet the growing ecological demands. Regardless of all the changes, the retro style “Thumper” engine character remained unchanged.

Spare Parts for Yamaha SR - Free Shipping Available

Whether you have the original Yamaha SR400 street biker, Yamaha SR500 street tracker or a retro looking modern SR400, sooner or later you might require some spare parts. For the newer bikes, you might still be able to get some OEM spares, but for all other older or custom bikes such as café racer, bobber, scrambler and others, you might want to check our collection.

Stand, Footrest & Brake Pedal Parts 

If exposed to element, footrest rubbers crack, we therefore stock front & rear footrest rubbers, gear lever as well as kickstart rubber. We also have stand stoppers, seat dampers and various nuts and bolts in stock. 

Front Forks & Handlebars

Despite being a street bike, the seals on your fork will require changing to ensure smooth contact of the front wheel with the road. Therefore, we offer both oil seals and new dust boots. Besides there we have handle bar mounts, clock dampers, various rubber component for your master cylinder and lever dust boots and rubber covers.

Fuel Tank Parts 

Having a well insulated fuel tank as well as sealing fuel tank cap is paramount. As such, we offer all the fuel tank dampers in a kit as well as new seals for your fuel tank cap and for the petcock.

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