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When the first Yamaha 650 XS model was launched in 1968 at the Tokyo Motorshow, no one could predict that it will be Yamaha’s longest running and bestselling model. The first four stroke model on which the whole series is based, was the legendary Yamaha XS1 650cc with its parallel air cooled twin engine and horizontally split crankcase. After initial hiccup by Yamaha with name changing from XS to TX and back in early 1970’s, the official Yamaha XS 650 production began in 1975.

Early Yamaha 650 XS

Yamaha XS1/XS1B/XS2 which could be considered the XS650A were ideal stepping stones for people riding two stroke 250cc or 350cc. The Yamaha XS 650 had a narrow and tall engine, giving the bike a slim profile, it was fairly lightweight due to the two stroke frame it was mounted onto and fairly easy to manoeuvre. The disadvantage of such configuration were vibrations at higher speed and tendency to wobble. The four stroke engine was designed to mimic the two stroke design with two pistons rising and falling together. Despite the handling issues, the XS 650 Yamaha was a great bike, it quickly became popular for its reliability, easy maintenance and the leak-proof crankcase.

Yamaha XS650 Roadster

The 1975 Yamaha XS650B was the first of the “Standard” series produced by Yamaha until 1979. This model had disc brakes on both wheels and new - more solid - frame to tackle the handling issues. New front forks were introduced on the 1977 XS650D model, going from 34mm to 35mm in diameter. The XS650E & XS650F were the last standard models introduced by Yamaha, the hunger for cruiser style custom motorcycles just took over and production had to adapt.

Yamaha XS650 Special

Born in 1978 as Yamaha XS650SE, the first “Special Edition” cruiser was born. There were several modifications in design and well as performance of the two, but the basic 650cc engine remained. The Specials had smaller gas tanks, wider steadier tires, stepped seat, aluminium grab rails and many other new features. Braking systems on the XS models kept changing from drum brakes to disc brakes and back to drum as time went by, so did the wheel style. In United States the production continued way into mid 1980’s with XS650SI & XS650SJ Heritage Special models.  

The legendary XS series motorcycles were discontinued in 1985 to make way for the new XJ models.

Yamaha XS650 Parts

Yamaha XS650 was a bike with personality, it could be tweaked and modified to almost any style you could imagine. Nowadays it is one of the most widely customized Yamaha models ever. On our website you can therefore find  a variety of Yamaha XS650 aftermarket parts including: Yamaha XS650 cafe racers, XS650 Bobbers, XS650 Choppers or even parts for custom street trackers.

The price of the original models was reasonable and parts were and some of them still are easily accessible. Some of those that Yamaha stopped producing we have decide to reproduce. There are also Yamaha XS650 owners clubs and specialised forums all over the World, especially in Europe, USA and Australia so if you are struggling with your XS650 restoration or custom bikes' project, you have ample of people to turn to for advice, just check out of these links: XS650 Club of - Yamaha XS650 ForumXS650 Klub Danmark, Chopper Bobbers Club

This section contains aftermarket reproduction parts for:

1975 Yamaha XS650B

1976 Yamaha XS650C 

1977 Yamaha XS650D 

1978 Yamaha XS650E & Yamaha XS650SE 

1979 Yamaha XS650F & Yamaha XS650SF

1980 Yamaha XS650SG

1981 Yamaha XS650SH

1982-85 Yamaha XS650 SI /SJ /SK /SL

 For VIN numbers and exact models please visit The XS