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With such an extensive range of models, Yamaha is one of the biggest and most recognisable motorcycle brands in the world. This article will focus on the famous Yamaha XT models and their history.

Yamaha XT Motorcycles & Specifications

The Yamaha XT range initially started as Enduro bikes that suited trail riding, with their name taking an X for cross and T for the trail.

Originating in the mid-70s, the XT series began with the XT 500. Shiro Nakamura designed it to be a lightweight, durable, and reliable bike. This offered customers both performance and comfort.

As good on dirt roads as they were on the road, the XT soon grew in popularity worldwide thanks to the wide choice of displacements that customers could choose from.

When Was Yamaha XT Series In Production?

The Yamaha XT first entered the market in 1976 with the XT 500 and enjoyed success with the series through to 1989.

The XT 600 Tenere entered the market in 1982, running until 2003, with the XTZ 750 Super Tenere in production from 1989 to 1998.

The Super Tenere Worldcrosser, XT1200Z Super Tenere, and XT1200ZE Super Tenere are the latest models, all launched in 2018.

What's So Special About The Yamaha XT Series?

One of the reasons the XT series became so popular is because of its simplicity. The low maintenance reliable bike was seen as perfect for people starting out. But it wasn't considered just a learner bike.

The four-stroke, single-cylinder of the XT 500 was air-cooled and suited riders that wanted the versatility of being able to ride trails without committing to a full Enduro bike.

Yamaha XT Models

Since its launch in the mid-70s, the XT series has featured many models and improvements. Some of these include;

Yamaha XT 500

The original XT, launched in 1976, combined state-of-the-art technology to deliver a bike that could produce excellent performance and power distribution across its five-speed gearbox. It was also very reliable.

The XT 500 has a ground clearance of 8.5", a weight of 324 lbs, drum brakes, and the bike has a fuel capacity of 8.7 l. The lightweight frame also helped to make it more comfortable for the rider.

Yamaha XT 600 Tenere

The Yamaha XT 600 Tenere model was launched in 1982 and ran until 2003. They were inspired by the bikes Cyril Neveu rode to victory in the 1979 and 1980 Paris-Dakar races.

The bikes were similar to the XT 550 but on a larger scale with a 28l fuel capacity, 38/6000 KW(hp)/RPM, and a top speed of 100mph.

The XT 600 Tenere has a 28 L fuel capacity and weighs 359 lbs with a 267mm front brake disk and drum rear.

Yamaha XT 250 Serrow

The versatile Yamaha XT 250 Serrow was made from 2006 - 2010 and offered riders a low seat height and an air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder engine for an excellent performance.

Like the other XT model features, the final drive is a chain, and this bike is perfect to get you around a town or city and allow you to enjoy the adventure.

The bike has a weight of 289 lbs with a 9.8 L fuel capacity and has a leading axles coil spring forked front suspension and swing arm single kayaba shock rear.

Yamaha Super Tenere Worldcrosser

Long-distance biking isn't for everyone, but for those that do have an interest, the right bike is essential. The Yamaha Super Tenere Worldcrosser (launched in 2018) is an enhanced Tenere that boasts a tank capacity of 23 liters and a range of just under 230 miles.

The 108bhp machine weighs 575 lbs and has a ground clearance of 8.1". The bike's relatively low seat height and versatility mean it will not be an investment that gathers dust in a garage when you aren't out on a long adventure.

It's as smooth on and off-road, and you will find that it will fulfill your daily biking needs and your desire to hit the open ride for a long, comfortable ride.


How much does a Yamaha Super Tenere Worldcrosser cost?

The price of all bikes can differ between dealers, and if you are buying a used bike, the year and condition will play a huge part in the bike's value. Bought new, you can expect to pay £12,999.

Are all Yamaha XT bikes air-cooled?

Many Yamaha XT series bikes are air-cooled, but some models like the XT 600 Tenere are air/oil-cooled, and the 2018 Super Tenere Worldcrosser, XT1200Z, and XT1200ZE are all liquid-cooled.

What size tyres does a Yamaha XT 500 have?

The Yamaha XT 500 has a 21" front tyre and an 18" rear tyre. The Enduro style tyres make the Yamaha XT 500 more versatile and suitable for road riding and off-road use.

Can you still buy a Yamaha XT500 in the UK?

Though this series is discontinued, it is still possible to buy a Yamaha XT500 or any of the XT range in the UK from second-hand dealers or private sellers.

The value of these will differ depending on the condition, and if you have the expertise and a reputable parts supplier, you will be able to pick one up for a reasonable price to fix up.

Yamaha XT Parts

The XT range evolved over the years as its popularity grew. Many models from the series are now discontinued, but collectors and enthusiasts continue to buy and trade the machines and parts.

Here at Sumo Rubber, we have an extensive collection of original parts and reproductions to restore your XT model back to peak condition.

As well as carrying an extensive range of parts for XT models dating from the mid-70s, we also carry parts for all other Yamaha series, making it easy for you to find the part you need without having to pay exorbitant prices.

Final Thoughts

It is clear to see that various Yamaha XT models have proven to be popular over the years. Although many are now discontinued, we are delighted to be able to help collectors and enthusiasts find the parts they need.